In the Spring of 2016, a group of students at¬†Anderson University, SC became aware of anti-refugee legislation sponsored by their district Senator. The bill S-997 held sponsoring organizations¬†civilly liable for the crimes of refugees and had passed the Senate with sweeping bipartisan support. The sponsor reported that the goal of the legislation was to make South Carolina “the most unwelcoming state for refugees” and it began receiving nationwide attention.

In response, a group of Anderson students created a bipartisan advocacy movement called Fear Is Not Our Policy. They drafted a petition, started a social media hashtag, and contacted representatives. Within a month, the bill had reached a subcommittee and students testified against the legislation in Columbia at the State House. By May, the bill was blocked before reaching the House Floor.

In January of 2017, it became apparent through media and legislation that Fear Is Not Our Policy should reassemble. Join us in our new initiative to serve as an educational resource for refugee advocacy.